Vocational English Certificate (VEC)

Vocational & Business English

The cooperation between Express Publishing and University of Greenwich, London, UK marks the beginning of a new era, with the offering of two unique certificates aimed to enhance the language-specific qualifications of professionals from various fields.

Why choose the Vocational English Certificate (VEC)?
Globalisation has brought endless opportunities in the professional arena. Therefore, having good communication skills in your chosen field is of paramount importance. Do not let the language be the barrier to your success.

A unique international certificate focusing on English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
Test material reflects real workplace scenarios.

The exams are carefully designed by experts in each field and cover a variety of situations you are likely to encounter in your daily work environment.

Professional development

The preparation for this exam will help improve your knowledge of basic English terminology within your respective vocation and/or profession. Use the language skills you learn immediately and for the rest of your career.

Guaranteed quality of exam

Both the preparatory course and the exam are designed and closely monitored by Express Publishing and validated by the internationally recognized University of Greenwich. The very strict criteria followed by both institutions make this a certificate that is relevant and up-to-date in the competitive global market.

VEC Exams Key Facts
The structure of the examination is designed to meet the requirements of various fields, taught in vocational schools, technical colleges, institutes and universities.

For each field covered, the University of Greenwich will award two unique certificates:

  1. The Certificate of Attendance: Awarded to the learner of vocational English who successfully completes any of the specialised vocational courses.
  2. Examination Certificate: Awarded to the learner of vocational English who successfully completes any of the, 60 minute, specialised online exams.

What can I do with my VEC qualification?
VEC is an innovative exam that covers the widest variety of professions in the current market. As such, it provides a solid reference for your linguistic skills in your chosen career and can provide a competitive advantage on your CV.

Is the VEC course suitable for me?
The VEC course is suitable for you if you have a minimum level of English Language knowledge at CEFR B1. With more than 45 professional courses available, you can choose a course that fits your personal and career goals.

What are the VEC courses available?

Air Force
Art & Design
Beauty Salon
Business English
Call Centers
Command And Control
Construction I Buildings

Environmental Engineering
Fishing & Seafood Industry
Flight Attendant
Food Service Industries
Hotels & Catering
Information Technology
Kindergarten Teacher
Management Level I
Management Level II
Mechanical Engineering

Petroleum I
Petroleum II
Sales & Marketing
Security Personnel
Software Engineering
World Cup
Worldwide Sports Events