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All about us - Anchorage Learning Centre
Anchorage Learning Centre, established in 2006, is a provider for English language exams, training and courses. Thousands of students and participants of all walks of life have benefited from our successful English language programmes which cover Early Childhood Development, Primary and Secondary School Academic Enrichment, Professional Development for Teachers, Vocational and Business English. Our clients include government and non-government organisations such as insurance companies, nursing schools, child care centres, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities.  


To be a leading educational organisation which delivers high-quality and rewarding language learning experiences to local and international students by setting standards of excellence in innovative curriculum design, teaching, professional development and global communication and understanding.


To provide quality English language instructions to learners and to pave the way for them towards gaining internationally recognised qualifications by employing effective curriculum, dynamic methods and high-quality materials, as well as providing a welcoming and engaging learning environment.


We believe that the mastery of the English language empowers students in their personal academic and professional pursuits.
We embrace the diversity of our students’ backgrounds, the different learning needs, abilities and motivation by respecting the uniqueness of every student.


Our organisation operates based on a set of values which guides our actions:


- Striving for the highest achievement in all aspects
We demonstrate our Excellence by:

setting and meeting high standards
striving for optimal performance
maintaining high learning expectations
persisting through challenges in learning
giving recognition to students who achieve high standards
frequently encouraging and acknowledging individual improvement
encouraging students’ awareness of broader life opportunities.


- Having regard for others and accepting the right of others
We demonstrate our Inclusivity by:

creating an environment in which all students, colleagues, parents and our community feel valued and have a sense of belonging
being empathetic and showing mutual respect and understanding
accepting the right of others to hold different views to our own
acknowledging the strengths and abilities of students
affirming cultural diversity
accepting other people and their backgrounds.


- Being consistently honest and trustworthy
We demonstrate our Integrity by:

acting in the best interest of students
maintaining a professional relationship with students, parents, colleagues and the community
being open and transparent in the decision-making process
being consistent in school policies and actions
being accountable for our words and actions- doing what we say we will do
upholding the principles of social justice and opposing prejudice, dishonesty and injustice.




Cambridge Assessment English

The expertise, training and experience of our staff put quality and excellence at the heart of our organisation. Their dedication and commitment have earned us the global reputation of ‘experts in language assessment’.

We have over 650 staff worldwide – 505 based in the UK and around 145 in our network of 27 offices around the world. Our extended network includes more than 30,000 examiners, 2,800 examination centres, and over 52,000 registered preparation centres.

We have the largest dedicated research team of any English language assessment provider, including some of the world’s leading experts in the field of language assessment, dedicated to the development and quality control of our examinations.


International English Language Testing System

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is trusted by organisations all over the world as an accurate, reliable and fair measure of English language proficiency. Developed by world leaders in language assessment and test delivery, IELTS is supported by ongoing international research in applied linguistic, language pedagogy and language assessment.


London Teacher Training College

Anchorage Learning Centre is a partner school of the London Teacher Training College which means the courses conducted are fully endorsed and accredited.

Based in South London, the London Teacher Training College was established in 1984 and has over the years trained a vast number of TEFL teachers from around the world. The college prides itself on the quality of its courses and the individual attention it provides every student who enrolls.


International Vocational English, University of Greenwich

Anchorage Learning Centre is a fully authorised CVET (Center for Vocational English Training) / Affiliated Center of Interveng (International Vocational English)

International Vocational English of Express Publishing, in partnership with University of Greenwich, London, UK offers unique qualifications to learners of vocational and professional English.



Anchorage Learning Centre is a preparation centre for Pearson Test of English.


HRDF Malaysia

Anchorage Learning Centre is a registered HRDF claimable training provider.